Montesa Boka Apartments

Montesa Boka Apartments are located in a new residential building with an elevator in the quiet center of Budva. Cozy spacious new apartments are equipped with everything necessary for living and recreation. Modern design, large panoramic windows in the living room. We offer accommodation in four apartments of this residential complex.
Montesa Apartments are 5-minute walk from the promenade, the main pedestrian zone. Beaches, various entertainments for adults and children, restaurants of both local and European cuisine, cafes, a Shopping Center, markets, a green market, all the necessary infrastructure for living and recreation in the immediate vicinity.
To the main attraction of Budva – the Old Town, the path will be about 15 minutes along the promenade along the sea.
A bus stop for directions to the most famous beaches of the Budva coast is a 3-5minute walk away.
Taxis can drive directly to a residential property.

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